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Akari Seto ( () () (あか) () , Seto Akari?) is a freshman student that attends the same university as Sorawo Kamikoshi.


Akari is a first year student with boyish short brown hair that has bangs swept to the left side and brown eyes.

She wears a mini-length T-shirt dress with a blue men's coat overtop.


Akari has a lively, friendly and energetic personality who is also carefree and sophisticated, not worrying what others think about her. Although, her liveliness comes as insufferable according to Sorawo Kamikoshi.


Akari Seto is a first year that attends the same university as Sorawo Kamikoshi and a karate practitioner who has won in a prefectural tournament in high school. Because her parents had moved away due to work, she lives in an apartment alone in Saitama. She first appeared in File 7: Attack of the Ninja Cats. After being relentlessly attacked by ninja cats, she came to Sorawo for help. It was also discovered later on that Satsuki Uruma also used to be her tutor.


  • The name Akari means "deep red, dye from the rubia plant" (茜) (aka) and "reason, logic" (理) (ri).
  • Akari's surname Seto means "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se) and "door" (戸) (to).


  • Akari knows karate that she was nicknamed 'Karateka' by Sorawo Kamikoshi.
  • Akari seems interested with the paranormal that she couldn't leave Sorawo alone after the she resolved the ninja cats problem Akari had.

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