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Wriggler Hunting I (くねくね ハンティング Ⅰ, Kunekune Hantingu I?) is the first chapter of the Otherside Picnic manga adaptation.


Sorawo opens the door to the Otherside, revealing a meadow.

Sorawo opens the door to find an impossible meadow behind it. Since then, she has been calling that strange place as the Otherside. Consequently, Sorawo is entrapped in shallow water in the Otherside due to a creature paralyzing her. She then hears grass rustling and a woman calling out a person named "Satsuki." After Sorawo deduces it's a human being, she asks for help from the woman and warns her of a "white dangerous thing" that wiggles around. As Sorawo recalls more of this creature, her mind is being more pulled towards it. Sorawo's willpower and stamina run out, causing her to sink into the tasteless water.

A woman with blonde hair rescuing Sorawo.

She is then rescued by a woman with bright golden hair who appears to be the same age. When Sorawo looks up at the woman who had saved her, she was taken aback by her beauty. The woman then asks Sorawo if she is still okay and asks her where the "dangerous thing" is. Sorawo replies that she is still okay and pointed to where the creature is. After pointing to where the creature is, Sorawo accidentally looks at it once more. While watching its movements, Sorawo's mind gradually went blank and she started to feel sick. Sorawo breaks eye contact with the Kunekune and regains her bearings. She also notes that the Kunekune has gotten even closer than before.

The "thing" that fell near where the rock salt was.

Suddenly, the blonde woman rises up and hits the Kunekune with a chunk of rock salt. The Kunekune subsequently disappears from where it was and the two are surprised and relieved at the same time. Sequentially, the woman introduces herself as Toriko Nishina and Sorawo introduces herself to Toriko. Before the two leave the Otherside, Toriko picks up the "thing" that fell near where the rock salt was.

The hexahedron mirroring its surroundings except for Sorawo and Toriko.

After Sorawo and Toriko head back to their world, they talk about where they had entered and how many times they had gone into the Otherside. Toriko has apparently been into the Otherside ten times while Sorawo has only been into it three times. The pair then talk about the creature they had encountered earlier, the Kunekune. Toriko brings out a silver hexahedron made of mirror faces that reflected everything around it except for them. Toriko explains that this "thing" fell when the Kunekune had disappeared.

Sorawo sees pure blue through the peephole.

While Sorawo was deep in thought, Toriko asks Sorawo why did she know about the Otherside and if she has seen anyone else over there. Sorawo replies that she hasn't seen anyone else on the Otherside and that Toriko was the first person she has ever met there. Toriko explains that she has been looking for someone, a person named Satsuki that she has mentioned earlier. All of a sudden, a loud noise had come from the door to the Otherside which surprised the both of them. Toriko stands up to look but Sorawo blocks her, opting to look instead. Sorawo then brings her face close to the peephole and sees pure blue, which she tells Toriko about it. Toriko abruptly pulls out a handgun, which shocks Sorawo. Toriko reassures Sorawo that it's a Makarov pistol which she had just picked up and that she has a spare for Sorawo to use. Sorawo is skeptical of where the gun had come from but decides to give way for Toriko to look into the door. Toriko opens the door, revealing a narrow alley between buildings. Sorawo then becomes sad and felt that her secret place had been snatched away from her. Toriko notices this and reassures Sorawo that she will take her to a different entrance to the Otherside.

Toriko deciding to split the money 50:50.

One week later, Sorawo is seen eating at her university's cafeteria. She recalls Toriko's words that the most dangerous thing on the Otherside is that when it turns blue. Sorawo also notes that her phone, which had been submerged in water on the Otherside, had become unusable as it would display mysterious and indecipherable text when it was turned on. Out of nowhere, Toriko Nishina appears once again and pulls out the chair across Sorawo, sitting down in front of her. Toriko convinces Sorawo to go one more time together in the Otherside to hunt the Kunekune. At first, Sorawo vehemently refused to go to the Otherside but she was convinced by the money she can earn by selling the mirror rock.

Sorawo sees a creature trying to go inside the elevator.

Toriko leads Sorawo to a building in Jinbouchou, Tokyo. They step inside the building and get into the elevator. Toriko then proceeds to press the elevator buttons in a certain order. She explains that by pressing the buttons in a specific order, they can go to the Otherside. On the fifth floor, a black-haired woman rushes to the elevator. Toriko explains to Sorawo that the woman is always trying to get into the fifth floor but they absolutely must not let her in. Toriko continues to press the elevator buttons, which now have different characters written on them. The elevator suddenly stops and loud noises could be heard outside it. Sorawo immediately tells Toriko to close the elevator door. Before the door shut, Sorawo saw fingers ending in claws before the elevator door. As Sorawo was about to ask Toriko what they had seen, Sorawo was startled that Toriko had taken out her gun and was pointing it at the elevator door.

"Accomplices—that's the most intimate type of relationship in this world."

After Sorawo and Toriko were done bickering, the elevator door stopped, revealing the Otherside. The pair were on the rooftop of a ten-story building. Toriko and Sorawo get down using the ladders. After going down the ladders, Toriko gives Sorawo a Makarov pistol and Sorawo takes it. Before going to where they were before, Sorawo asks Toriko why Toriko feels like she can trust Sorawo. Toriko explains to Sorawo that the fact that Sorawo did not report Toriko for having a gun is what made her seem trustable. Toriko then says that accomplices are the most intimate relationship in the world. Together, the two head back to the place where Sorawo met Toriko in order to hunt the Kunekune.

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