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Kisaragi Station IV (ステーション・フェブラリー Ⅳ, Sutēshon Feburarī IV?) is the tenth chapter of the Otherside Picnic manga adaptation.


Inside of the tent, Sorawo pulls out her phone and shows it to Toriko. The signal fluctuates. Nevertheless, it can go through. Toriko suggests calling Kozakura. Luckily, she answers it, but a back and forth ensues between her and Toriko. Finally, the girls settle down, and Sorawo tells her how they landed on the Otherside. They tell Kozakura that they've run into the USFJ, the Palehorse Battalion.

Kozakura finds that weird and momentarily confuses them with the Darkhorse Battalion, a unit that tests next-generation equipment. But she can't find anything about the Palehorse Battalion, meaning they're likely a secret unit. Before Kozakura can suggest to the girls what to do, the signal falls. However, weird voices exclaiming how the girls "can't escape" and "must stay start coming out of Sorawo's mobile. Even more bizarre, it starts to tell the girls that a train is approaching, and then the phone cuts out.

Sorawo looks to Toriko, who looks to be shaken up more than usual. Consequently, Sorawo suggests that for now, to worry about themselves, which Toriko does but is a bit reluctant to do so.

Lieutenant Drake walks into their tent, and he notices that the girls are shaken up. He points out that that is the reason the girls were told not to use their phones. Also, the Lieutenant tells them to not leave the tent, a battle is about to start, and Sorawo and Toriko would be safe if they stay inside the tent. With that, he goes. However, the girls don't follow his suggestion and leave the tent.

Outside, the soldiers are preparing for battle, and they're heavily armed. The girls climb on top of a truck to see what's happening. The darkness stretches out endlessly, with only the mountains' shadow dividing the night sky and grassy plains. No one is talking. Only the loud hum of the generator can be heard. However, Sorawo hears something else, music, festival music.

The sound is descending from the mountain, and the soldiers start to fire. They hit right in front of the trail, but it didn't hit the target, the Face Dogs.

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