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Kisaragi Station VI (ステーション・フェブラリー Ⅵ, Sutēshon Feburarī VI?) is the twelfth chapter of the Otherside Picnic manga adaptation.


The creature unleashes a blood-curdling cry. Then, a big flash of light appears in the dark sky. Lieutenant Drake looks at Sorawo and Toriko and can't believe what just happened. He breaks down and starts apologizing to the girls. Suddenly, the Lieutenant spots Sorawo's eye. The colored contact fell out while she shot the creature. He believes that Sorawo and Toriko are with the Otherside monsters. When your body comes into contact with this place, the affected part turns blue.

Sorawo and Toriko make a run for it. The Lieutenant yells for them to stop as it's dangerous. But they don't listen to him because the train will be coming soon. The girls head to the station, where they hear the bell sound again, the railway crossing bell. However, the marines are on their tail.

To make matters worse, two trains are approaching; one is a rusty old train, and the other looks familiar to the girls. The girls' way out is through the train: the real world and the Otherside overlap at the station. But there's no way to get on it until Sorawo asks Toriko to give her her hand.

Sorawo asks Toriko to grab a part of the train with her left-hand as hard as she can. However, Toriko is a bit scared. Sorawo puts her mind at ease with the same line that Toriko used in the past, "There's two of us".

With that, the girls jump off the platform and in front of the train.

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