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Time, Space, and a Middle-aged Man I (時間、空間、おっさん Ⅰ, Jikan, Kūkan, Ossan I?) is the fourteenth chapter of the Otherside Picnic manga adaptation.


Sorawo finds herself in a field on the Otherside. And alongside her is Kozakura with a shotgun.

It's been three weeks since Sorawo and Toriko got home from Kisaragi Station, May 24th. It was the day Toriko disappeared.

A few days ago, in Ikebukuro, Toriko and Sorawo were eating at a cafe. They discussed when they should leave again for the Otherside, which Sorawo was hesitant to go again to. They needed a plan instead of going at it blindly. However, Toriko disagrees. She believes that there's no time to waste as Satsuki could be in danger at this very moment.

Sorawo thinks back at all her moments at the Otherside and the many sides of Toriko. Toriko breaks Sorawo's train of thought. Saying that they should look for a way to bring the Palehorse Battalion back to the real world. Sorawo, on the other hand, doesn't want to take unnecessary risks, although she doesn't share her thoughts with her friend.

Sorawo even touches on the weird phone call she and Toriko had with Kozakura. Suggesting that a person who goes insane doesn't recognize the wrongness of their words and actions. As a result, Sorawo believes that the Otherside has already messed with their bodies and minds.

The girls get into a somewhat heated argument about their current dilemma. Sorawo brings up that the chances that Satsuki, who has been missing for more than three months, would still be sane, let alone alive are very slim. Sorawo's statement leaves Toriko feeling angry towards her. Toriko still believes Satsuki is still alive despite the odds.

Toriko begs Sorawo to continue helping her find Satsuki, even offering her share of the money. Now, Sorawo is livid. She can't believe that Toriko is suggesting that her hesitation has to do about money. She points out that Toriko wants her to risk her life for someone she doesn't even know.

With that, Toriko gets up and leaves the cafe and tells Sorawo that she'll manage by herself to find Satsuki. Now a regretful Sorawo thinks about what she really wanted to say to her friend. That in reality, she's scared and doesn't want her head to be messed up any worse than it already is.

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