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Wriggler Hunting II (くねくね ハンティング Ⅱ, Kunekune Hantingu II?) is the second chapter of the Otherside Picnic manga adaptation.


The dead man they came across who was a victim of the Kunekune.

A reluctant Sorawo follows Toriko back into the Otherside in order to hunt the Kunekune. As the two of them go back to where the Kunekune is, Toriko notes that she should have changed her clothes to be more befitting of where she is right now. The pair then talk about the origin of the Kunekune and also the Hasshaku-sama. While Sorawo was talking about the two creatures, the two come across a dead male, who apparently was a victim of the Kunekune. This man had translucent foreign matter growing from his face and it seems that he had thrust his fingertips into his eyes. While they were observing the dead body, a raw fish-like stench emerges.

Sorawo thinks of a way to defeat the Kunekune.

The Kunekune appears, and Toriko tries to hit it with some rock salt. The rock salt hits the Kunekune, but nothing happens. When hitting the Kunekune with rock salt doesn't work, Toriko uses her gun instead. Toriko fires her gun at it and soon learns after several shots that it did not affect the Kunekune whatsoever, much to their dismay. Sorawo accidentally looks at the Kunekune once again. Hit by a powerful wave of dizziness, Sorawo falls to her knees and so does Toriko. Sorawo senses that the Kunekune is drawing closer to them. Sorawo and Toriko review their current situation when suddenly, Sorawo gains an idea on how to defeat the Kunekune. Sorawo deduces that if she keeps on looking at the Kunekune without averting her eyes, they might have a chance to defeat it.

Sorawo understands the Kunekune.

Sorawo looks at the Kunekune and bizarre words flow out of her mouth. Sorawo tries to understand the Kunekune and successfully does so. Sorawo now recognizes the Kunekune and shouts out over and over again that she gets it. Suddenly, Toriko is in front of Sorawo, trying to get rid of the foreign matter in Sorawo’s face. Doing so causes Toriko’s fingers to be translucent. Toriko then tells her that she has gone too far in understanding it. Sorawo snaps out of it and tells Toriko that she must shoot the Kunekune. Toriko shoots and destroys the Kunekune, which disappears and turns into a hexahedron, similar to what they had seen before.

Sorawo and Toriko scream in unison after they had defeated the Kunekune.

After defeating the Kunekune, Sorawo and Toriko are relieved of what happened and they scream in unison. Toriko picks up its remains and decides to have a celebratory party after what they had encountered today. After that, Sorawo and Toriko head back to their world.

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