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Surviving the Eight-Foot-Tall Lady I (八尺様 サバイバル Ⅰ, Hasshaku-sama Sabaibaru I?) is the third chapter of the Otherside Picnic manga adaptation.


Sorawo's right eye had turned blue.

With Sorawo’s right eye turned blue and Toriko’s fingertips now transparent, likely due to the Kunekune, Toriko proposes they meet an acquaintance of hers that researches the Otherside’s various phenomena and also buys the peculiar objects from the Otherside. The two go to the house of a reclusive former university student named Kozakura. The solitary girl examines both of the girl’s affected areas and discloses to Sorawo that it was due to the Kunekune. Kozakura explains to them the “Fourth Kind,” a pattern of physical effects that result from contact from the Otherside.

Sorawo, Toriko and Kozakura discussing about the Otherside.

Toriko remembers what had happened similarly to her friend, Satsuki and how she had also been a Fourth Kind contactee. Kozakura reveals her and Satsuki’s connection. Kozakura had initially been Satsuki’s companion and she had pulled Kozakura in to do “collaborative research” together. One day, Satsuki had gotten a lively assistant, who was Toriko. Toriko was taught by Satsuki about the Otherside and was going to accompany Satsuki on an expedition. However, around three months ago, Toriko was unable to get in touch with her. Toriko went alone to the Otherside several times in hopes of finding Satsuki there but was still unsuccessful. After going back and forth to the Otherside a number of times, she eventually meets Sorawo.

Kozakura paying the pair for the mirror rock.

The group then hypothesizes what the Otherside is and then Toriko brings out the cube object dropped by the Kunekune. Kozakura studies the cube object and pays the pair 1,000,000 yen for the item. She then theorizes that the cube is Sorawo’s interface of recognition and that the point of view of the Kunekune is captured within the mirror rock, which is reflecting its surroundings except for the trio. Kozakura was unable to cure Sorawo’s eye and Toriko’s fingertips and the two soon leave.

Sorawo gets angry at Toriko.

Before going on their separate ways, Toriko splits the money between them, 500,000 yen each. Toriko thanks Sorawo for accompanying her to the Otherside and tells her they may find Satsuki more easily now that she has Sorawo. After Sorawo hears this, she feels that Toriko had grabbed her to look for Satsuki together since it had made searching for her convenient. Sorawo gets sullen and angry at Toriko. Three days later, at Tokyo Jinbouchou, Sorawo and Toriko head back into the Otherside once again. However, Sorawo is still mad at Toriko for telling her that three days ago.

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