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Hasshaku-sama Survival II (八尺様 サバイバル Ⅱ, Hasshaku-sama Sabaibaru II?) is the fourth chapter of the Otherside Picnic manga adaptation.


Sorawo and Toriko on their way to the building on the southwest side.

Toriko and Sorawo return to the Otherside to search for Satsuki. The times before, Toriko scoured the north and west sides, so this time they’ll head to an old building on the southwest side. It is to see if Satsuki had taken refuge there. On their way to the building, Toriko asks Sorawo if she is in a bad mood. Sorawo replies that Toriko’s resolve is only firm and that she hasn’t given a thought on how to go on about saving Satsuki. The blonde woman then notices Sorawo’s sulky tone of voice and calls her out on it. Just as Sorawo was about to reply to Toriko, they hear somebody say stop.

Sorawo and Toriko are surprised to see a "glitch."

In front of them, they encounter an armed middle-aged man. He warns and saves the pair from an invisible barrier that evaporates anything that makes contact with it. He explains that these are “glitches,” spacial abnormalities that are not easily seen. Though the ladies are thankful to the middle-aged man, in a state of panic, he mistakes Toriko for someone named Michiko. Toriko, however, snaps him out of his trance. The middle-aged man introduces himself as Abarato, and he has been searching for his wife in Otherside for thirty-eight days.

Toriko emphatizes with Abarato, which surprises Sorawo.

Abarato apparently lost his wife when he left her for a brief period of time in their small apartment. After consulting many people, a psychic informs him that his wife had been “Spirited Away.” This leads Abarato to research much folklore about disappearances involving being Spirited Away and through it found Otherside. When asked by Abarato about why the two ladies are there, Toriko discloses that looking for their friend Satsuki. Hearing this, Abarato becomes emotional, and Toriko sympathizes, which astonishes Sorawo. With their new acquaintance, they’re offered to be led to their destination by a safe route, which they accept.

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