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Surviving the Eight-Foot-Tall Lady IV (八尺様 サバイバル Ⅳ, Hasshaku-sama Sabaibaru IV?) is the sixth chapter of the Otherside Picnic manga adaptation.


Sorawo tries to hold on to Toriko. But Toriko isn't having it. She believes the person in the frame is Satsuki. Sorawo recalls that Seiji Abarato touched the blue light and vanished. It's with her right eye, the eye which had turned blue, that she saw how Hasshaku-sama appeared like the person that the viewer wanted to see. Then it spirits its prey away.

Sorawo wonders why she wasn't affected by the spirit, and she realizes that she doesn't have anyone precious to her.

Angered that the spirit could take Toriko away Sorawo shouts that her friend is an idiot and begs her not to leave her behind. At that Toriko stops in her tracks. Seizing the opportunity, Sorawo grabs her friend. However, someone yells to not go no near it. It's Toriko, but her voice comes from behind Sorawo.

The young girl realizes her mistake. She was the one holding onto Hasshaku-sama. Before the creature can spirit Sorawo away, Toriko pulls out a gun and shoots Hasshaku-sama.

Toriko tells Sorawo, that the latter ran after Seiji Abarato mumbling nonsense to herself, 'don't leave me alone.'

It seems, Hasshaku-sama lured Seiji Abarato with the illusion that his wife was in the frame and it drew Sorawo the same way. It took advantage of Sorawo's feelings for Toriko.

Sorawo puts everything together, what happened to Seiji Abarato and her, and concludes that they all were illusions. She asks Toriko to shoot the creature, however, its pull is still strong.

When Toriko's left-hand starts to hurt, Sorawo realizes how to destroy the creature. Sorawo grabs Toriko's hand and sets it on Hasshaku-sama's body. Sorawo concludes that if her right eye can see the actual forms of Otherside entities, then Toriko's hand can touch them.

Toriko is disgusted by what she's touching. Suddenly black spheres come shooting out of Hasshaku-sama's body. They've destroyed the creature.

With Hasshaku-sama gone, the girls find themselves back in the surface world. Feeling disgusted, Toriko heads to a brokedown shrine, for water to clean her hand. When Toriko pulls out her phone to get a lock on their location, the girls find out that they're in the mountains of Chichibu. The same location that Seiji Abarato said he'd entered the Otherside, through a shrine in Chichibu.

However, there's no sign of Seiji Abarato's body nearby. The girls believe that he probably passed through the blue light to somewhere else and vanish. Toriko urges her friend to look for a bus since they're a long way from home.

Toriko spots a hat nearby, the someone that the Hasshaku-sama had on. Sorawo begs her friend not to put it on. But also asks her friend if she believed Satsuki might be there. Toriko wanted to go but was able to resist because she was worried about Sorawo. The admission catches Sorawo by surprise.

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