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Kisaragi Station I (ステーション・フェブラリー Ⅰ, Sutēshon Feburarī I?) is the seventh chapter of the Otherside Picnic manga adaptation.


Sorawo and Toriko are at Shinjuku celebrating their second Otherside expedition at a restaurant. Toriko has quite an appetite and orders almost everything on the menu. But her friend reminds her that the last time she ordered that much, Toriko passed out halfway through, and then Sorawo had to eat it all by herself.

Toriko tells her friend the hat they brought back, the one from the Hasshaku-sama, she brought it to Kozakura's house. But Kozakura wouldn't buy it from her because it looked like an ordinary hat.

But it wasn't an ordinary hat because Sorawo points out that it had a silver shine to it. With that, Toriko notices that Sorawo's left-eye went back to normal. But the latter also points out that Toriko is even wearing gloves. It seems the encounter the girls had with Kunekune changed their bodies.

Their food arrives. The girls start to reminisce about Seiji Abarato and his AK-101 and how Toriko manages to hit in her bag. She has extensive knowledge about weapons, which makes Sorawo curious about her friend. Toriko explains that she learned to use a gun overseas but doesn't share any more details. Sorawo respects her friend's decision not to share anymore. However, Toriko thinks otherwise. Sorawo comes clean and says that she didn't know Toriko wouldn't be interested in getting to know her. But it's the opposite.

Toriko tells her that she will find out everything there's to know about Sorawo. They are enjoying their food when Suddenly Toriko asks Sorawo when she wants to go back to the Otherside. Sorawo is hesitant to go back, but Toriko has a goal, to find her missing friend, Satsuki. Despite the pair almost dying, Toriko still wants to go back, even though she's afraid.

Sorawo pays for the bill, and Toriko manages to get into a food coma. Suddenly the waiter tells them, 'this is kubiriyarai, so the aburagarasu will be coming.' Sorawo doesn't understand what he means, and the waiter walks away. She asks Toriko if she caught what the waiter just said, but she wasn't listening.

The girls leave the restaurant, but Sorawo has a weird feeling that something isn't right. Nevertheless, they walk to the station. Sorawo notices that the streets of Shinjuku are quiet despite it being 8 p.m.

Suddenly, a giant black bird flies overhead, and without realizing it, they find themselves in a field.

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