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Kisaragi Station II (ステーション・フェブラリー Ⅱ, Sutēshon Feburarī II?) is the eighth chapter of the Otherside Picnic manga adaptation.


Sorawo and Toriko realize that they're at the Otherside. But now it's nighttime, and they couldn't be more afraid. Satsuki warned Toriko that the night on the Otherside is particularly dangerous. And they're unprepared.

The girls start to ponder what they did to find themselves on the Otherside. It seems that Toriko's order sequence from the menu or Toriko wearing Hasshaku-sama's hat landed them at their current location. All the other times, the girls always found a clearly defined exit to the Otherside. But this time, there is nothing like that. Sorawo suggests waiting until morning to see the exit. But there's a change in plans. A large four-legged beast with pieces of human parts, a Walking Gallows, comes up to them. Without a second thought, the girls start to run.

Sorawo spots silver lights, glitches in the field. They're easier to spot now that it's nighttime. The girls climb a steep hill when Sorawo hears an odd cry, but it isn't coming from the Walking Gallows. There's something in the grass. Sorawo turns, and she's scared out of her mind. She yells to Toriko to climb faster. The girls make it up the hill and find train tracks and follow them. They follow an odd light in the sky, thinking it's the station. However, it turns out to be Face Dogs. Sorawo is paralyzed at what the creatures might do to them. Toriko gives her friend a clap on the back to get her out of her stupor. The girls continue running when Toriko shoves them to the ground and asks Sorawo not to move. A group of soldiers, the Palehorse Battalion with night vision goggles, have their guns pointed at the girls.

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