The Dark Science Research Encouragement Association (DS研究奨励会, DS Kenkyū Shōrei-kai?), also known as DS Lab (DS研, DS-ken?) is an organization first introduced in File 8: Little Bird in a Box. They are a General Incorporated Foundation originally founded to explore the UBL (Ultra Blue Landscape) but later shifted focus on protecting the victims of the place and seeking ways to treat them.


Founded in the early nineties, the DS Lab originated as a study group inside a certain large electronics manufacturer. Their main goal is to research the unknown areas of science called Dark Science (which nowadays is called marginal science, trans-science, or non-traditional science). After discovering the UBL, their goal shifted more specifically to explore the unknown world named UBL or the Ultra Blue Landscape. However, not long after DS Lab began their research and expeditions, victims appear one after another. The organization then shifted its goal to protecting the victims and seeking ways to treat them instead. Even after losing their original purpose, DS Lab continues to exist, only maintaining status quo, through financial support from relatives of the victim, VIPs from companies involved in the founding of the DS Lab, and even members themselves. The organization still continues its research about the UBL, collecting UBL artifacts like the items they bought from Sorawo and Toriko.

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