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The Horned Man (角持つ男, Tsuno Motsu Otoko?) is a tall humanoid creature residing on the Otherside that appeared alongside the Walking Gallows in File 3: Station February.


The Horned Man is a tall, muscular, and naked humanoid creature. From the neck up, it has a bushy mass of vegetation and deer-like antlers growing out the sides of its head. Its antlers branches in a fine fractal-like pattern, spreading out like coral.


The Horned Man is a hunter from the Otherside who persistently hunted the Palehorse Battalion, as well as chased after Sorawo and Toriko when they accidentally wandered close to the Kisaragi Station where the U.S. Marines' base is located. The Horned Man is always seen along with the Walking Gallows, and in one instance, watching the Palehorse Battalion with Toriko and Sorawo during their escape from the Mossmen. The Horned Man is not hostile when it appears but instead shows off its presence, only observes and lets other creatures, such as the Walking Gallows or the Mossmen, chase after the humans it's hunting.

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