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The Kankandara (姦姦蛇螺, Kankandara?) is a creature first encountered by the Palehorse Battalion when they first arrived in the shrine located in a forest on the Otherside.


Kankandara as a snake in the anime.

It takes the form of a six-armed, naked woman. From the waist down, her body is of a snake with glistening scales. Her parts—the six arms, from their shoulder joints down to their finger joints, writhed like a legless insect. In the anime she'd wears a pink kimono and has brightly red sharp teeth.

Her true form is a six-piece square-shaped white object of an unknown substance moving together. Three V-shapes are also connected together, spinning on the points where the pieces of squares touched.


During Sorawo and Toriko’s rescue operation for the Palehorse Battalion, they found a rope tied to two trunks that led beyond to an open hexagonal space, made by tying ropes to connect six thick trees surrounding it. A box the size of an offering box at a shrine that emits a silver light lies in the middle of the space.

While inspecting the box, the Kankandara appeared from the trees and immediately revealed itself. Out of fear, the Palehorse Batallion started firing on the Kankandara. Exposed to the line of fire, Kankandara’s body shook and convulsed, and there was a loud sound, like hundreds of bells ringing in unison, causing pain to those anyone nearby.

Knowing that Sorawo can understand her true form, the Kankandara tried to scare her away. She didn’t back down, distracting Kankandara long enough for Toriko and the Marines to hit the Kankandara with modified the Marines’ MRAP Gorgon, crushing her to one of the trees that made up the rim of the open area.


There is an internet ghost story where three delinquent boys entered a forest that was off-limits and encountered a monster that was half-person, half-snake. That monster’s name is Kankandara. The kanji used, 姦姦蛇螺, were likely chosen for their visual appearance, rather than their meaning, to represent a six-armed woman (女), with the lower body of a snake.


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