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Kisaragi Station (きさらぎ駅, Kisaragi-eki?), also known as Station February (ステーション・フェブラリー, Sutēshon Feburarī?), is a train station building located on the Otherside, where the Palehorse Battalion had set as their base of operations during their stay on the Otherside. The survivors called it Station February until they met Sorawo, who later realized that it was the famous internet lore, the Kisaragi Station.


When what was left of the Palehorse Battalion were able to survive the horrors of the Otherside after their company accidentally wandered to the place, they took refuge and set up base in a small, old station hidden in a grove of trees, Station February. Even though there are no signs of power lines, the lights of the single-line platform are illuminated. A train the soldiers call the "Meat Train" comes to the station which the soldiers feared because of the creatures that lurk inside the train. When Toriko and Sorawo returned, offering help to the soldiers, they immediately agreed with the two's proposal and later on blew up their camp along with the station in order to get rid of the traces they left behind.


Kisaragi Station is an incident posted in real-time on 2channel, the anonymous message board January 8th, 2004 at 11:00 p.m. The post depicts the poster whose train they're on didn't stop on its supposed station but instead stopped on a destination they had never seen before. The sign at the station read “Kisaragi Station”. When the poster used their cellphone to call their family and post online as they tried to get home, but as they were being taken somewhere in a suspicious individual’s car, their phone’s power died, and all contact was lost[1].


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