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The Kunekune (くねくね, Kunekune?), also known as Wiggle-Waggle or Wiggle-Wiggle, is a creature found on the Otherside. It was the first creature of the Otherside encountered by the protagonist, Sorawo Kamikoshi.


The Kunekune is a spindly and gangly creature with twisted arms and a hole in the center of its face. It was white, reminiscent of the color of smoke with an inscrutable shape, like a long shadow cast on the ground by the setting sun.


Looking at this creature causes an intensely sickening feeling. The person looking will have their mind go blank and their limbs to go numb. Despite the sickening feeling, its victim also experiences the feeling of wanting to look further into this entity. While in this condition, the Kunekune enters the perison's cognition and creates an interface for the contact between the human and the Kunekune. It almost killed Sorawo Kamikoshi on her third trip to the Otherside with Toriko Nishina.

Recognizing it in its true form allows it to manifest a physical form that can easily be defeated by throwing rock salt or shooting at it. When defeated, the Kunekune disappears, leaving only a silver hexahedron, or a mirror stone, that reflects everything except humans. Kozakura theorized that the mirror stone can be a person's cognitive interface in physical form and is reflecting the perspective of the Kunekune, which is trapped inside in some way.


The Kunekune is a well-known ghost story that had started to be told primarily on the internet around 2003. The narrator encounters a white shadow that wriggles unnaturally, and looking at it messes with their head. In some other variations of the story, if a person touches the Kunekune or comes too close, the creature will kill them. If the person chose not to approach or make contact, it is said that the Kunekune will ignore them. The Kunekune is said to linger in widely extended rice fields or acres; in rare cases, it might be found over the open sea. Alleged sightings of the creature are sometimes associated with confusion to scarecrows, which can also be found in rice or barley fields[1][2].


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