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Machi wo Nukete (街を抜けて, Machi wo Nukete?. lit. "Through the City") is the Episode 12 ending theme of the Otherside Picnic anime performed by rionos. It is composed and arranged by Takeshi Watanabe while written and performed by rionos. Machi wo Nukete was released on May 26, 2021 along with Otherside Picnic's Original Soundtrack of Blu-ray Box Volume 1.


Machi wo Nukete debuted in Episode 12 of the Otherside Picnic anime as its second ending theme. It is included in Blu-ray Box Volume 1's Original Soundtrack. Machi wo Nukete is the thirtieth and last track listed in the CD and the second ending song used in the anime.


Does not work on iPad, or any medium that does not support the .ogg audio format.
No. Song Duration Audio
01 Machi wo Nukete 4:20


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