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Ms. Yozakura's Late-Night Livestream (夜桜おねえさんの深夜配信, Yozakura Onēsan no Shinya Haishin?) is the first bonus side-story chapter written by Iori Miyazawa exclusively for the first volume of the Otherside Picnic manga adaptation.


Kozakura, who was writing a research paper, decides she's done for the night and eats leftover pizza and microwaved cola for dinner. She then explains the reason she heats it up is because she needs a lot of sugar to keep going, but she's bad with fizzy drinks. In the summer, Kozakura would also heat up her cola then puts ice to cool it down.

She starts a stream on YouTube, where she became popular as a late-night VTuber. She made her 3D avatar by herself, and at first, it initially looked similar to her real appearance. But because it attracted the wrong crowd, she made a new one resembling her friend, Satsuki Uruma. The model is very tall compared to herself, so one time when she was drinking her hot cola during a stream, the motion tracking got confused, and it looked like she was drinking with her boobs, which became a meme among her fans.

She mentions being more angry than sad about Satsuki's disappearance because it's something she expected would eventually happen. Her viewers then tried to make her sing, then play a horror game, but she refused, and she played PUBG until morning. When she ends the stream and is about to go to sleep, Toriko Nishina knocks on her door.

As a VTuber she calls herself "big sister Yozakura," which is her name with the first kanji changed to "night."[1]

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  1. Summary provided by izabael#5194 from the Otherside Picnic Discord.

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