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Midnight Chicken and Gorilla (真夜中のチキンとゴリラ, Mayonaka no Chikin to Gorira?) is the second bonus side-story chapter written by Iori Miyazawa exclusively for the second volume of the Otherside Picnic manga adaptation.


Kozakura eats so much chicken her stomach starts hurting, so she goes to lie down. She picks up her tablet and starts looking at pictures of the mirror cube from the Kunekune that Toriko brought to her. She starts thinking about the possibility of it being an electronic device but, in the end, concludes it's impossible. Then, she wonders how it could influence people's perception and mentions an experiment where people watched a video of two people passing a ball to each other and had to keep track of their score. In the end, they were asked if they saw a gorilla running through the middle of the field, to which the participants said they didn't see because they were too focused on counting the points. Kozakura thinks the cube could work in a similar manner.

Kozakura goes on and thinks about what a crazy woman Toriko is and what a typical subculture nerd Sorawo is and makes herself laugh. It's good that Toriko had made a friend because it would pull her away from getting involved with the Otherside. Now she regrets giving them money for the money cube because she believed the two students could use it more than herself, but instead gave them the idea to go to the Otherside and sell her more weird things. Kozakura remembers Toriko and Sorawo have their afterparties and wonders that if Satsuki was still here, maybe she'd have someone to eat with, too. She stops herself from thinking about the past and thinks that maybe there's an "unseen gorilla" living in her room too—but then she gets scared by the thought. Her phone starts ringing, and she picks it up and hears "noises like a college party."[1]

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  1. Summary provided by izabael#5194 from the Otherside Picnic Discord.

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