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The Night a Cornered Bird Comes (窮鳥来たる夜, Kyūchō Kitaru Yoru?) is the third bonus side-story chapter written by Iori Miyazawa exclusively for the third volume of the Otherside Picnic manga adaptation.


One night, Kozakura is working on her PC while wearing noise-canceling headphones. She gets up and finds Toriko standing behind her, which scared her to death. Toriko explained that she had called out to her, but Kozakura didn't notice her, so she instead just stood there behind Kozakura for about 30 minutes. Kozakura then asks her why she's here, and Toriko responds that she had nowhere else to go. She understands Toriko must have had a fight with Sorawo. She thought it was only a matter of time before it happened and that their relationship lasted longer than expected.

Toriko doesn't have a sense of proper distance between people. She's the type who gets too close to others too fast and ends up being avoided. She was like a child, and Kozakura didn't like children, so she didn't feel like listening to her worries. Although Kozakura thinks that, she still asks Toriko what happened. Toriko reluctantly said she made Sorawo angry and now she doesn't want to go to the Otherside with her anymore, and that Sorawo also said Satsuki isn't alive. Kozakura says she agrees with Sorawo on that, but Toriko insists that Satsuki is definitely alive. Kozakura thinks that Toriko's belief in Satsuki being alive is an important mental support to her and wouldn't want to see what happens when that crumbles. Toriko said she hadn't contacted Sorawo because she was scared she wouldn't respond. Kozakura gets frustrated and tells her she's an extremely annoying woman and what's worse is that she isn't aware of it. She almost says "that's why you're always alone," but she stops, thinking it would be too cruel to say to Toriko. Instead, she says that's why she should care for people who know you're annoying and still want to be with you.

When Toriko seems to feel better, she thanks Kozakura and apologizes for barging in. Kozakura gets mad at her for suddenly addressing her with no honorific, to which Toriko responds that she doesn't feel like using one for her because she feels like they're friends, then she leaves the stumped Kozakura's house.[1]

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  1. Summary provided by izabael#5194 from the Otherside Picnic Discord.

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