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The Mossmen are human-like beings dressed the same as the U.S Marines that attacked the survivors of the Palehorse Battalion during Toriko and Sorawo's rescue operation.


The Mossmen are seen dressed the same as the soldiers of the Palehorse Battalion—faded camo uniform, body armor, and a helmet. Their true form is of a mass of bodies covered in dead leaves with varying incomplete body parts and deep gashes on their torso or shoulder. Moss comes out of their mouth and wounds.


The Palehorse Batallion, with Sorawo and Toriko's help, are tracing their way back into the forest they came from when they wandered into the Otherside. One of the soldiers noticed a man waving at them, pretending to be their comrade. After Sorawo discovered their true form, the Mossmen attacked the battalion. Catching the Mossmen on Sorawo's field of vision, a barrage of bullets quickly turned the Mossmen into red and green geometrical fractals. The Mossmen outnumbered them greatly, but the Batallion managed to get through the forest.

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