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Otherside Picnic (裏世界ピクニック, Ura Sekai Pikunikku?) is the anime adaptation of the yuri sci-fi novel series written by Iori Miyazawa and is premiered on January 4, 2021. The anime adaptation will be directed by Takuya Satō, who is also working on the series composition at LIDENFILMS and FelixFilm.[1] Yumiri Hanamori will voice Sorawo Kamikoshi and Ai Kayano will voice Toriko Nishina.


Sorawo has been exploring the strange dream-like world she calls the Otherside ever since she stumbled upon it during her days as an urban explorer, but her most recent trip has gotten her into serious trouble. That's when she meets Toriko, a strange young woman searching the Otherside for her missing friend. Toriko helps Sorawo out of her predicament, and Sorawo falls into helping Toriko in her mission. But each journey into the Otherside brings strange new dangers and skills, and Sorawo isn't sure that the search is worth it.[2]


Otherside Picnic Title Card

On March 5, 2020, Shonen Gangan, a manga imprint of Square Enix Holdings, announced that Iori Miyazawa’s science fiction Yuri series, Otherside Picnic (裏世界ピクニック, Ura Sekai Pikunikku?) would be adapted into a TV anime.

Early February, Shonen Gangan hinted at a possible anime adaptation on Twitter. Additionally, in December, a short PV was released to promote the fourth volume of the light novel.[3]



Otherside Picnic 2nd PV

On September 12, 2020, Otherside Picnic's official twitter[4] announced the anime is set to broadcast in January 2021, along with additional staff and also released a second PV which latest cuts from the anime production.

The anime will be produced at Liden Films and Felix Film. The series will be directed by Takuya Satō (Kase-san and Morning Glories, Fragtime, St'eins;Gate) and will star Yumiri Hanamori as Sorawo and Ai Kayano as Toriko.


  • Original: Iori Miyazawa (Published by Hayakawa Bunko JA/ Hayakawa Publishing)
  • Character Draft: shirakaba
  • Director / Series Composition: Takuya Satō
  • Character Design / Animation Director: Ayumi Nishihata
  • Creature Design: Kazutaka Ema
  • Effects Animation Director: Toru Yoshida (AnimeR)
  • Art Director: Hiroki Matsumoto (Atelier Platz)
  • Color Design: You Iwaida (Assez Finaud Fabric.)
  • Director of Photography: Takeshi Kuchiba (Assez Finaud Fabric.)
  • 3D Director: Yuya Shiraishi (FelixFilm)
  • Editing: Masahiro Gotou (REAL-T)
  • Music: Tsuyoshi Watanabe
  • Animation Production: LINDENFILMS x Felix Films

Voice cast




Opening Theme Ending Theme
Minikui Ikimono (Anime Edition).png
You & Me (Anime Edition).png
"Minikui Ikimono" (醜い生き物, Minikui Ikimono?. lit. "Ugly Creatures") performed by CHiCO with HoneyWorks "You & Me" (ユー & ミー, Yū & Mī?) performed by Miki Sato

Episode 12 Ending Theme Original Soundtrack
No Image Available.png
No Image Available.png
"Machi wo Nukete" (街を抜けて, Machi wo Nukete?. lit. "Through the City") performed by rionos "Otherside Picnic Original Soundtrack" (裏世界ピクニック・オリジナルサウンドトラック, Ura Sekai Pikunikku Orijinaru Saundotorakku?) composed by Takeshi Watanabe


# Title Directed by Written by Air Date
01 Kunekune Hunting
Kunekune Hantingu
Tomoei Makino Takuya Satō January 4, 2021
02 Hasshaku-sama Survival
Hasshaku-sama Sabaibaru
(八尺様 サバイバル)
Koji Aritomi Takuya Satō January 11, 2021
03 Giant Village
Kyotō no Mura
Yuta Takamura Iori Miyazawa January 18, 2021
04 Time, Space, and Old Man
Jikan, Kūkan, Ossan
Michitaka Shiraishi Koji Shuki, Tomoe Makino January 25, 2021
05 Station February
Sutēshon Feburarī
Takanori Yano Toshizō Nemoto February 1, 2021
06 Meat Train
Mīto Torein
Takeshi Tomita Toshizō Nemoto February 8, 2021
07 Resort Night at the Beach of the End
Hate no Hamabe no Rizōto Naito
Kana Kawana Yasunori Ide February 15, 2021
08 Attack of the Ninja Cats
Neko no Ninja ni Osowareru
(猫の忍者に襲われる )
Tomoe Makino Takayo Ikami February 22, 2021
09 Sannuki-san and Karateka-san
Sannuki-san to Karateka-san
Michita Shiraishi Takayo Ikami March 1, 2021
10 How to Go to Yakiniku by Elevator
Erebētā de Yakiniku ni Iku Hōhō
Koji Aritomi Iori Miyazawa March 8, 2021
11 The Operation to Rescue the U.S. Forces at Kisaragi Station
Kisaragi-eki Beigun Kyūshutsu Sakusen
Yuta Takamura Toshizo Nemoto March 15, 2021
12 Sorawo and Toriko
Sorawo to Toriko
Tomoe Makino Yoriko Tomita, Takuya Satō March 22, 2021

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  • On Episode 1, when Sorawo and Toriko are on the way to the building in Jinbouchou, a sign on a book store says 早川書房 which translates to Hayakawashobō (Hayakawa Publishing), a well-known SF publishing company that published the Otherside Picnic Series.
  • On Episode 3, on the bookstore near the elevator entrance where Sorawo and Toriko frequently meets, an image of the Volume 4 Cover Art can be seen in posted on the wall.
  • Real life locations that were featured and advertised in the anime includes the bookstore Shonsen Grande (Episode 3)[5] and cafe pause (Episode 4)[6].
  • They hired military advisors in order to properly portray the Marine Corps for the adaptation of Station February in the anime.[7]
  • Episode 3 and Episode 10 are both anime originals, with screenplay written by Iori Miyazawa himself.
  • Despite the anime not following the chronological per File order of the original novels, some of the episodes are aired during interesting dates such as, Episode 5 (titled 'Station February') was aired on the 1st of February; The adaptation of File 6: Resort Night at the Beach of the End aired in Episode 7, following the trope of anime beach episodes; and Episode 8 (titled 'Attack of the Ninja Cats') was aired on February 22, which is 'National Cat Day' in Japan, as the date resembles the words "nyan nyan nyan" (meow meow meow), and also 'Ninja Day' celebrated in some places in Japan.

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