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Otherside Picnic (Junior Edition) (裏世界ピクニック〔ジュニア版〕, Ura Sekai Pikunikku (Juniaban)?) is an easy-to-read version of the first volume of the original novel, Otherside Picnic: Their Strange Exploration Files, dedicated to a younger audience (elementary and junior high school students). It was released on December 17, 2020 under Hayakawa's children's book label, Hayakawa Junior Books.

The Junior Edition of the novel contains furigana (also known as Ruby) attached to the kanji and difficult words are now easier to read with added annotations. Illustrations from the upcoming anime are also included. The fear elements of the original novel are kept almost verbatim for the Junior Version.[1]

There are also content limited only to the Junior Edition, which are character information pages and glossary, a postscript message from the author Iori Miyazawa and a commentary by Hiroko Reijo, who is known for her children novel 'Wakaokami wa Shogakusei!'.


What would you do if you casually opened a door and found a different world?

What Sorawo and Toriko wandered into was an "Otherside" full of monsters!

The first thing that attacked them was the "Kunekune," a dangerous monster that makes you crazy just by looking at it, and if you find out its true identity, it will take over your body.

Can the two of them overcome the fear and danger of the "Otherside"?

The shy Sorawo and the curious Toriko, a pair of uneven college students, struggle together![1]



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