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The Palehorse Battalion (ペイルホース大隊, Peiruhōsu Daitai?) is group of U.S Marines survivors who accidentally wandered to the Otherside while training in the mountains of Okinawa. The unit was able to survive and set up a base in Kisaragi Station, which they also call Station February (ステーション・フェブラリー, Sutēshon Feburarī?), for over a month before they met Sorawo Kamikoshi and Toriko Nishina.


The Palehorse Battalion is a group of USJF Marines that were conducting a military exercise in the mountains of Okinawa. Not exactly knowing what triggered it, the group had accidentally wandered to the Otherside. They managed to gather their scattered company together and deployed their base within the station building but still, unfortunately, had taken a few casualties. Some of them went mad or disappeared. A number of their soldiers were also influenced by the bear traps (also called glitches), running off to the wilderness, even causing more casualties, and had to be taken down by their own comrades. They managed to survive for a month, before running into Sorawo and Toriko when they are being chased by the Walking Gallows.

The Marines, who were already at their limit, were immediately wary of the two new strangers suddenly appearing out of nowhere but Lieutenant Will Drake welcomed them to safety and introduced them to their commanding officer, Major Ray Barker. They explained how Kisaragi Station is surrounded by bear traps and how difficult it was for them to leave or escape, so they prioritized surviving for now. A train also passes by the station, filled with creatures they call the Monkey Shines which the soldiers fear and were reluctant to engage with.

After the Face Dogs that attacked the soldiers were defeated by Sorawo and Toriko, they continued their search for a way out, losing more people on the way, before the girls finally returned to rescue them. They chose to put their trust in Sorawo and Toriko, relying on their help to escape the Otherside and return to the surface world. Because Sorawo can see the glitches, she was able to guide them from the Kisaragi Station to the Palehorse Batallion's suspected entry point and eventually back to the surface world. In addition to allow guiding them past the glitches, Sorawo's eye also rendered the Otherside entities vulnerable to small arms fire, allowing the Marines to kill numerous Mossmen using their rifles, firing from within the armored "doghouse" attached to the roof of their armored MRAP vehicles. Thanks to Sorawo's help, the Marines managed to drive off a massed attack by Mossmen, and Toriko and the MRAP crew also eliminated the Kankandara using the robotic arm attached to the vehicle used for disabling IEDs. In spite of the massed attack by Otherside entities, thanks to Toriko's assistance, the Palehorse Battalion suffered no casualties in the advance from Kisaragi Station to the exit point. Upon reaching the exit, the surviving Marines of the battalion escaped to Otherside back to Okinawa.



  • M4 Carbine: Standard issue assault carbine, used by most members of the unit in the manga, some equipped with scopes and other optics
  • M4 CQBR: Shortened M4 Carbine, equipped with ACOG scope and other attachments. Taken by Sorawo Kamikoshi after she rescues the battallion from the Otherside.
  • M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle: Automatic assault rifle initially used as squad support weapon, later used to replace every M4/M16 in USMC service. Shown as the standard-issue weapon for all members of the unit in the anime.
  • Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle: 7.62mm designated marksman rifle. Used by Sorawo Kamikoshi to snipe the Face Dogs.
  • Browning M2 Heavy Machine Gun: .50 caliber heavy machine gun, one in a tripod mount is fired by a soldier at the Face Dogs. The weapon may have been formerly carried on the Buffalo, as there is a mount for it on the roof.
  • M224 Mortar: 60mm lightweight mortar, three M224s were fired at the Face Dogs.
  • Unspecified explosives: Unspecified explosives (possibly C-4) were used by Sergeant Major Greg in a counterattack against the Monkey Shines to successfully destroy the train. Similar explosives were used to destroy the camp after the battalion left the Otherside guided by Sorawo.
  • Unspecified handgun: Sorawo mentions and unspecified handgun in the armory, possibly a Beretta M9 (USMC standard issue).
  • Unspecified shotgun: Sorawo mentions an unspecified combat shotgun in the armory, possibly a Remington M870 or Benelli M1014.


  • HMMWV: Military recon and utility vehicle, commonly known as the Humvee.
  • RG-33L "Owlbear": Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected (MRAP) armored patrol vehicle, during the escape from the Otherside, it was fitted with an armored "doghouse" with firing ports on all sides.
  • Buffalo MRV: MRAP fitted with remote-controlled arm for disarming IEDs, which is used by Toriko and the Marines to kill the Kankandara. Also fitted with an armored "doghouse".
  • Unmanned robotic carrier: Unmanned quadruped robot intended for use as a pack mule, seemingly based on the BigDog and LS3 prototypes. Was caught in a glitch and transformed into the Walking Gallows soon after arriving in the otherside.

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