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The Sannukikano (サンヌキカノ, Sannukikano?) is an entity that agonized Natsumi Ichikawa and her family in File 10: Sannuki-san and Karateka-san.


Sannukikano's first appearance.

Sannukikano appeared as an old lady wearing a kimono, with an unfazed expression and talks with little to no emotion. It's true form  were five dead monkey mummies intertwined at its core, countless human teeth whirling around it like a swarm of mosquitoes. In the anime however her true form looks exactly like the old lady but with long hair and she's naked.


Akari once more approached Sorawo for help about another bizarre occurrence that is experiencing by her friend Natsumi. She had told Akari that she saw a monkey in their yard. The monkey bore a human-like expression. It gave her human teeth and told her that Sannukikano will be coming and she has to show the teeth to Sannukikano. However, Natsumi threw away the teeth and accidents began occurring to her family.

Certain of the possibility that it might be something related to the Otherside, the two decided to help them.


The events related to the Sannukikano first appeared in the thread “Fukakai na Taiken, Nazo no Hanashi ~enigma~ Part 49” (Incomprehensible Experiences, Mysterious Stories ~enigma~ Part 49) post 665 (1/16/2009). The poster stated her encounter with a monkey-like creature that used some sort of telepathy to say “Sannukikano will be coming, so show her this. If you say you took it yourself, she will give you one, too. Bury it in the yard afterward.” The creature left a tooth, which is likely a human molar according to the poster. Two days later, the story continued on the same thread. The old woman named Sannukikano appears and the poster showed her the tooth given to her by the monkey-like creature. Sannukikano then gives the poster a new tooth and left. They had uploaded pictures of the teeth, and later on, buried them in their yard[1].


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