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Satsuki Uruma ( (うる) () () (つき) , Uruma Satsuki?) is a missing friend to Kozakura and mentor/private tutor to Toriko Nishina.


An image of Satsuki Uruma in Sorawo's Phone

Satsuki is described as a tall woman with pale skin, a long stark black hair, wears thick-rimmed glasses and has a nasty look in her eyes. When she appeared in File 4: Time, Space, and a Middle-aged Man only as a trap made for Toriko and Sorawo, her eyes were incredibly blue.


Satsuki is known to be charismatic and a natural born alpha female being able to charm everyone who came near her.


Satsuki was originally Kozakura 's friend, and were in the same class in university. Before she invited Kozakura to do a 'collaborative research' project with her, she had already known the existence of the Otherside. Satsuki had made contact with the DS Lab some years ago, claiming to have a safer way of going to and from the other world, bring back UBL artifacts with her.With her experience and knowledge of the Otherside, DS Lab invited her as a researcher. She was also recruiting promising individuals to expand her investigation of the Otherside.

Satsuki's disappearance continues to be a mystery as she was not the type of person to discuss future plans and all her research notes were encrypted by her back at DS Lab.

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