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Abarato ( (あばら) () , Abarato?) is a middle-aged man searching for his missing wife Michiko in Otherside.


Abarato is a tall scruffy looking individual. He has dark-colored disheveled hair and a short beard. He dresses in military-style clothing with a special vest that holds ammunition and carries around an assault rifle.

Before losing his wife, he dressed and looked normal and had a well-kept appearance.


Abarato is an overly cautious, paranoid, and high-strung individual. Because of this, he has managed to find many traps laid around in Otherside. He also can be deluded, as shown when he mistakes Toriko for his missing wife, Michiko. Aside from his personality flaws, he has shown compassion towards Toriko when he learns that she's looking for her lost friend Satsuki.