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Sorawo Kamikoshi ( (かみ) (こし) (そら) () , Kamikoshi Sorawo?) is one of the main protagonists of Otherside Picnic. She is a university student with a knack for urban legends and exploring ruins who found the 'Otherside' by chance and met Toriko Nishina there. Together, they explore the Otherside, uncovering its mysteries.


Sorawo is a short 20-year-old university student with chin-length black hair and eyes (However, later in the series, due to coming in contact with a Kunekune, her right eye becomes blue). To hide her unnatural blue eye, Sorawo often uses a brown-colored contact lens in public.

She wears glasses and she is often wearing comfortable clothes, over fashionable clothing her main outfit includes a red hoodie with two white strings hanging from each side, with a white t-shirt underneath (in some images like the manga there it has black/dark blue stripes) with back/grey skinny jeans and trainers.


Sorawo is a shy and introverted person who usually prefers to be alone, not wanting to be bothered, and often keeps her distance from other people. There had been a time where she tried to make friends during her early years in university, attending a few parties, but in the end, she couldn't keep up, and it was too exhausting for her, so she decided to be on her own instead. When forced into a conversation or meeting people for the first time, she tends to end up flustered or talk excessively.

When making a first appearance, Sorawo mentions being alone and being forgotten by people around her, and seems quite cynical and untrusting to new humans.

The only person whom she is comfortable with is when she's with Toriko Nishina who she met on the Otherside. At first, she was reluctant to follow along with Toriko's search for Satsuki Uruma, after almost dying multiple times during encounters. But because of her relationship with Toriko and her wanting to explore the Otherside with her, she soon grew fond of Toriko and went out of her way to go along with her, even taking the risk to save the Palehorse Battalion soldiers.


Sorawo is a second-year taking the general education program at a university located in Saitama. She lives in an apartment near the said university and used to do a part-time job at a convenience store to pay for her expenses before she began exploring the Otherside and bring items to Kozakura in exchange for a sum of money.

Her interest in true ghost stories and her hobby of exploring abandoned ruins rooted from desperation during her rough time back then when her mother died and both her father and grandmother decided to join a cult. Their house became a place for the cultists to gather, and they would try to make her join. In one instance, another religious cult tried to kidnap her, so she tried to stay away from their place and be associated with the cults as much as possible.

When she was staying in a run-down hotel, she dreamt of a red woman who asked her if she needed those people, to which she replied that she didn't. She woke up and went home with kerosene in hand, possibly to set the entire house on fire with the cultists (and maybe along with her). She waited, but no one came. The police later called in, explaining the cult died by gas that settled in a depression in a mountain. Even though she ended up alone after that, she somehow managed to get to a university with a student loan her family left her without inheritance.

Although she rarely brings up her past, Sorawo was never uncomfortable to talk about it and would shrug it as normal and not a big deal, which always surprises the others.


Sorawo can see glitches using her right eye.

  • Sorawo's Right eye

    Right Eye: After Sorawo's second encounter with the Kunekune, She got her right eye modified by the strange foreign body that grew out of her as a result of recognizing the Kunekune's true form. This eye serves as a filter, or a connection to the Otherside wherein she can see through a Fourth Kind or monster's appearance and reveal its "true form," allowing other objects to interact with it. During the phenomenon she encountered on Volume 1, File 4, it allowed her to shift her perception and see through each of the occurring phenomena. Although, using it for a long time causes strain in her eye. The other function of Sorawo's right eye is to be able to see glitches as silver lights, and also works as a way to spot gates on the surface world. In the later volumes, she found that she can drive a person insane by simply focusing her right eye on them. She does refrain from doing that unless it's necessary or a life-death situation.
  • Makarov: Handgun that was given to Sorawo by Toriko Nishina after they met.
  • M4 CQBR: A gun that Sorawo "borrowed" from the Palehorse Battalion. It's equipped with an ACOG 4x Scope, a rail handguard, a vertical foregrip and a Magpul CTR.


  • The name Sorawo means "sky" (空) (sora) and "fish" (魚) (wo).
  • Sorawo's surname Kamikoshi means "paper" (紙) (kami) and "surpass, cross over, move to, exceed, Vietnam" (越) (koshi).


  • Sorawo's liked food is Horse Mackerel Nanbanzuke while she dislikes mushy fried food left overnight.
  • Sorawo's favorite way to kill time is watching gameplay videos.
  • Sorawo's secret dream is to have a cat.[1]


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