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Toriko Nishina (仁科 (にしな) (とり) () , Nishina Toriko?) is one of the main protagonists in Otherside Picnic. She is a mysterious girl who met Sorawo Kamikoshi on the Otherside while searching for her missing friend, Satsuki Uruma.


Toriko is a very beautiful girl with waist-length gold-colored hair with her bangs hanging on different sides in different mediums (they hang on the right side in the anime and novel while they hang on the left side in the manga), sparkling indigo eyes and she is taller than Sorawo Kamikoshi.

She always dresses up with fashionable clothes in which Sorawo often thinks to go along with her beauty. When going to the Otherside, she would opt to wear jacket, jeans and a laced-up boots. After their second encounter with the Kunekune, Toriko's left hand had turned translucent. She wears gloves in order to hide them from prying eyes.


Although appeared mysterious at first, Toriko is known as upbeat and energetic most of the time, especially when around Sorawo Kamikoshi and Kozakura(to the point Kozakura finds her annoying). She was friendly upon meeting Sorawo, and dropped honorifics immediately after introducing herself to her. She'd been comfortable with Sorawo ever since, certain that they would get along well. She is carefree, not holding herself back when she and Sorawo explores the Otherside or when they celebrate post-expedition. She prefers addressing with no honorific to people she thinks she's friends or close with. She is also reliable and would often be the one to act or think fast during situations to aid Sorawo when needed.

Toriko is outgoing who is high-spirited with people she knows or friends with. Kozakura describes her as that kind of person who have no sense of proper distance between people, and would often get too close to others too fast.

However, Toriko is actually shy introverted person who used to not have friends when she came to japan and chose to stay at home alone. She had been alone until she met Satsuki Uruma, who later disappeared. Toriko cares about Satsuki so much that she refuses to believe Satsuki might be already dead. Her stubbornness to accept the possibility even caused her and Sorawo to have a fall-out during File 4: Time, Space, and a Middle-aged Man.


Toriko was born and raised in Canada by her two mothers who she refer to as Mom and Mama. Her Mama was a soldier, and a member of a special operations force called JTF2. At a young age, she was taught all sorts of things, including survival skills and using a gun which shaped her character. Although unknown when it happened, Toriko's parents died in an airplane crash[1]. Toriko moved to Japan and got into university by taking a high school equivalency exam. Studying in Japan, Toriko was never good at making friends and stayed cooped up at home until she met Satsuki Uruma. She became Toriko's tutor and later on became her friend. They got to know each other and Satsuki introduced her to the Otherside. After Satsuki's disappearance, Toriko began her search for Satsuki and eventually met Sorawo Kamikoshi on the Otherside.


Toriko Nishina's Left hand

  • Left Hand: After Toriko and Sorawo Kamikoshi's second encounter with the Kunekune, Toriko's left hand was modified as a result of pulling out the strange foreign body that grew out of Sorawo. Her left hand is described as having see-through fingers that are transparent as the sky. Her left hand allows her to directly "touch" the true forms of the Otherside's entities.
  • Makarov: The same gun as Sorawo's, not much information about it other than Toriko picked it up from somewhere.
  • AK-101: Assault rifle left behind by Seiji Abarato after he disappeared into the blue light. Uses 5.56mm ammo.
  • M14 EBR: Sniper rifle that Toriko uses in episode 6. Later given to Sorawo since the ability of her right eye can aim perfectly. Uses 7.62mm ammo.


  • The name Toriko means "bird, poultry, fowl" (鳥) (tori) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Toriko's surname Nishina means "compassionate" (仁) (ni) and "family, department, section, course" (科) (shina).


  • Toriko's liked food is meat and dislikes pickled food.
  • Toriko's favorite way to kill time is running.
  • Toriko's secret dream is to live with someone.[2]


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