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The first volume of the Otherside Picnic manga adaptation illustrated by Eita Mizuno.


While on the trail of alleged paranormal activity, amateur urban explorer, depressed college student, and all-around loner Sorawo discovers a door to a curious destination—the Otherside. There, she has a near-miss with a creature both repulsive and mesmerizing...but before she can fall prey to the strange beast, the beautiful Toriko comes to her rescue! What horrors await the pair as they continue to explore this parallel world and its bizarre and dangerous denizens?![3]


Extra Contents

Artist's Comment

In the past, I used to avoid searching for things that "shouldn't be searched," but now I'm going to draw them in manga...

I'll keep trying, being careful not to overthink about the Otherside and get really lost in it!

Eita Mizuno, Volume 1


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