Otherside Picnic 5: Hasshaku-sama Revival (裏世界ピクニック5 八尺様リバイバル Urasekai Picnic 5: Hasshaku-sama Ribaibaru) is the fifth novel in the Otherside Picnic series. It was released in Japan on December 17, 2020. There is still no announcement for an English release. The series is written by Iori Miyazawa and illustrated by shirakaba.


Having achieved their goal of surviving the night in the Otherside, Sorawo and Toriko are now able to explore further into the depths. As they travel back and forth between the ordinary and the extraordinary, their days of being covered in monsters continue. The chaotic Shinjuku love hotel girls' party held early in the New Year has faded from Sorawo's memory. Toriko's university and inner life are revealed. A mysterious old woman who lives in a mansion in the Otherside. And as the two of them search for traces of the missing man, Abarato, the eight-foot tall Hasshaku-sama reappears - in the fifth installment of this popular series!


  • File 16: Pontianak Hotel
  • File 17: Seeing the Past in an Oblique Mirror
  • File 18: Alone in Mayoiga
  • File 19: Hasshaku-sama Revival

Additional Content

  • Works Referenced (Vol. 5)



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