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The Walking Gallows ( (ある) (こう) (しゅ) (だい) , Aruku Kōshu-dai?) is the robot carrier for the Palehorse Battalion that they had to abandon after it got caught in of the glitches in the Otherside. It returned afterwards as a four-legged headless beast and hunted the survivors of the Palehorse Battalion.


A large four-legged beast with masses that looked like several human bodies are bundled up like mummies hanging from its torso. Sorawo first mistook the Walking Gallows as a headless giraffe during their encounter with it in File 3: Station February. It also lets out a chirping that resembled a cicada. In the anime however they have these robotic bird like heads with red eyes.


It was originally a robot carrier of the Palehorse Batallion that got caught into one of the glitches. The group was forced to leave it behind, only for the robot carrier to return with a new form and began attacking people. It was seen along chasing humans on the Otherside with the Horned Man and the Face Dogs.

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