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Youichirou Migiwa ( (みぎわ) (よう) (いち) (ろう) , Migiwa Yōichirō?) is the current director of the organization DS Lab (Dark Science Research Encouragement Association).


Migiwa is tall man with long arms and legs, a thin face with sunken cheeks, and his long, curly hair was neatly set in place. His arms are covered in Mayan text tattoos that he explained to be 'of youth discretion'. He always appears professional, often wearing an expensive-looking tailored three-piece suit.


Migiwa is a friendly guy who would always speaks politely to other people. He carries himself in a mature way, making it hard to be certain of his age. He also is good at taking care of people, probably because of his job as director at DS Lab, who looks after the victims of the otherside. Granted that, he is more than what he looks, and seemingly has experience, and was actually more versed in violence when he had to. Sorawo Kamikoshi noted that he might not be a law-abiding citizen after all.


Not much is known of Migiwa before from his position as director of DS Lab, but he used to work with Torchlight Inc., a private military corporation. He joined DS Lab later on, and because of the funding received by the organization to continue its operations, he was able to live his life well to his preferences for a quite while.


  • The name Youichirou means "weekday, sunday" (曜) (you), "one" (一) (ichi) and "son" (郎) (rou)
  • Youichirou's surname Migiwa means "shore, water's edge" (汀).

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